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Une grande soirée avec Jean Marie DRU, in English. Organisée par nos amis alumnis P&G.

Jean-Marie Dru will be interviewed by an old friend of him, Natalie Rastoin, ex-President @Ogilvy Paris and who has just founded Polytane, a consulting agency helping brands strengthen their position in time, building on societal, cultural, human changes.

Natalie Rastoin
Natalie Rastoin


Jean-Marie Dru, Chairman of TBWA Worldwide, is a renowned global advertising veteran and bestselling author of six previous business books. In the early 1990’s, he has been the first one to use the term “Disruption” in a business context, giving it a positive meaning. In its simplest form, Disruption is a catalyst for creative thinking and ideas that change the marketplace, creating business-building ideas for brands, companies and industries by upturning and challenging the conventions of that business and finding room to grow in the market.

Jean-Marie Dru began his career in advertising in 1971. In 1984, he co-founded BDDP, which was acquired by Omnicom and merged with TBWA in 1998. He was named CEO of TBWA in January 2001 and Chairman in 2008. He has previously published Le Saut Créatif, Disruption, How Disruption Brought Order, Beyond Disruption, Jet Lag, and The Ways to New. Jean-Marie Dru is also President of UNICEF France and President of the French Academy of Medicine Foundation.

His last book, « Thank You For Disrupting: The Disruptive Business Philosophies of The World’s Great Entrepreneurs » examines 25 of the most significant business leaders of our time. (including … Paul Polman!)

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